Thoughts on Form within the Two Realms From Holograms to Shamanism by Maji Astaborius ......an interesting discussion about the shaping of reality and the role of the human mind

Aboriginal Myths, Legends and Fables, The Southern Cross, by A.W. Reed......a story of how a woman tempted a man with the forbidden fruit

Visions, Dreams, and Delusions by Wapu Werax......an attempt to understand extranormal phenomena of the mind

The Tenfold Noble Path......Buddhist teachings as a way of life for those of the Interfaith.

A Letter to the Prophet Mohammed by Wapu Werax




Truth in Goverance by G'kote Lotu ......explores inconsistencies between the Constitution and the politicians who govern

California Income Tax by G'kote Lotu......shows how the illusion of a law can be crafted

Memorandum by Philander Knox, PDF ......Solicitor General of the United States 1913......provides possible evidence that the 14th, 15th, and 16th amendments were never properly ratified. Click here for facsimile of original document

Parallel Table of Authorities (partial), PDF ......references Title 26 USC to the CFR

A Case for the Trump Alternative by Michael Dahl...things we should all think about




Voice of the Forgotten Souls by Maji Astaborius...a cry for the shrinking multitudes

Confessions of a Heterosexual Male by Joe Slocum...a few thoughts for gay and straight people

Abortion by Chris Aton III...a call to rethink the issue